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  •  make the touch screen more accessible and more often used
  •  make the mouse smaller as a means to take up less space in the area of the computer
  •  mind control on the mouse
  • heat activated
  • laptops could be faster and hold more space for photographs etc.
  • solar powered for the environments sake
1. Your definition of innovation, creativity and risk.

I think that innovation and creativity obviously come hand in hand with risk, as the more creative and sometimes avant garde you become with your exhibits or interests, the more risk that you undertake. I also think innovation and creativity differ in their own seperate ways. I think that people investigating and always delving deeper into the creative and innovative side of certain things, are who appeal to me most.

I link this to people such as Andy Warhol, Quentin Tarantino and Thom Yorke – always pushing the boundaries with their innovativity and creativity.

Tarantino - Creative Genius

Thom Yorke - radiohead

2. What would you like to achieve in this subject? Any suggestions for what you would like included?

This year i would like to explore my own personal boundaries – most of which i hope are endless – so i can experiment with my creativity and begin to understand how it can be used in my own personal life and experiences, such as my music, and my writing.

I would also like to see a part of the subject using time to understand some of the creative minds of people that I personally look up to. It would be interesting to study the minds of people, who we as students can relate too and also admire endlessly. I have mentioned a couple of my idols, but some of my main influences are these people.

Hunter S Thompson - Gonzo Journalism

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age

3. Find three blogs that you find relevant to your personal interests. Create a link from your blog to these blogs.

What type of practitioner are you?

I enjoy all aspects of creative practice. I love to play music and indulge in regular piano stints and guitar playing. I play in a band and we are recording music as I write this blog. It’s an outlet for me from the daily boredom and monotony that seems to follow each and every one of us no matter how hard we try to escape it. At the moment, our aspirations are small, but hopefully once we realise our own potential and begin to enjoy it more and more, these aspirations may take a turn for the realistic. I hope.

We play music to suit many genres. We follow an “alternative” line of music basically. Some of the bands who have influenced us include:

Early Kings of Leon

Yves Klein Blue - catchy Pop rock

What type do you aspire to be?

I aspire to be someone with an open mind – enough to express views on all creative and innovative aspects and have a valid opinion that will fall upon welcoming and interested ears. I want my views to be shared within an artistic view, and not always through words, as words can be lost and misinterpreted very easily. The person who I admire most for their ruthless and blatantly obvious approach to their own views and opinions is Bob Dylan.

Spoke His mind through Art and Music

What themes are you into?

Themes that interest me are things such as music on a very very broad spectrum, abstract art, revolutionary and controversial writing in all forms such as journalism, novels and poems, and also individuals who follow their dreams and use their creative and innovative genius to influence a culture or society to understand their point of view.

I also would like to stray from the norm so to speak, as much as i can without becoming too outraegeous – almost to border on the insanity line. People such as the writer/creative genius behind A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess) epitomises the idea of pushing the boundaries, and leaving the judgement and perception completely up to the person fascinated enough to delve into his pshyce, and where his creative spark could possibly come from.
(Some of you have expressed difficulty with the first question. Perhaps consider the question in different terms… What type of creative worker are you? Or, what type of artist are you?  Please check out what other people have written on their blogs.)

c. Optional:
Develop a concept for a creative project that uses music or sound. (You may not have a music or sound background, but have a try. You don’t have to actually execute it.) Consider concept bands, soundscapes and audio tours as possible concept bases.

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